Treasury Trust, Inc.®, also known as T-Trust®, an affiliate of Bellevue Capital Ventures, Inc., is a privately-held business formed in 2000 in Newport, RI.

The business model of T-Trust® evolved from a meeting with a Morgan Stanley investment manager in the mid-90’s as we searched for a “truly safe money” vehicle for corporate cash management. Our thesis was that many packaged products were being offered as “safe money” investments when, in fact, the prospectuses stated in bold print that principal was not guaranteed. Misinformation was rampant as clearly demonstrated by T-Trust ® sponsored focus groups in Boston and New York where experienced investors concluded that they were not sufficiently aware of the risks they were taking.

The study groups confirmed that there was a need for a “safe money” concept to be introduced over the internet, satisfied by the highest quality sovereign debt, and fulfilled through business and personal relationships with top banks and trust companies.

The internet was the key to finding those who had the need for substantial amounts of “safe money” and fulfilling their needs at a lower cost than the typical trust relationship, which starts at an asset base of $5 million and up.

Might it be possible to democratize the trust business at a much lower price point, provide a new large and stable market for U.S. sovereign debt, and provide a “truly safe money” vehicle to millions of investors?

T-Trust® saw that the answer was clearly yes and spent the next 15 years quietly gathering prime intellectual properties in the form of intuitive domain names to locate pre-qualified prospects for T-Trust® and make it easy for those prospects to self-select the best trust relationship to fulfill their needs.

T-Trust ® has exclusive access to 2270 premium domain names which effectively define the online U.S. treasury market.

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